School Principal

Principal’s Message

As a proud Principal of Triumphal Arch Academy I say..

“Education is the anchor that holds life together through choppy waters.”

The dream of every parent is to provide the best of education. They run from pillar to post to make sure that they are able to find an excellent environment of studies and overall development of their children.

Hence, your search ends here, Triumphal Arch Academy gives students acquiescence to DB (dream big) . Our Mission is to nurture individual potential. We believe in cultivating creative and innovative thinking rather than being fixed and finite. So we aim to keep students’ dreams and aspirations alive.

We pursue all we can to ensure that when students eventually leave school, they will be confident, enthusiastic ,creative , collaborative, and committed . Our values of respect, integrity, curiosity and excellence are behind everything we do as a staff and as a school. Our students feel happy here. They have enormous opportunities in sports and creative pursuits. They enjoy being in a co-ed environment, where the girls tone down the aggressive nature of boys, and the boys tone down the competitive nature of girls. They complement each other. Their work and discussions are enriched because they often see the world through different eyes. At Triumphal Arch Academy it is not just 3R but gaining knowledge with fun.

We are committed to nurturing each student’s potential. We are committed to excellence of educational delivery. We are committed to assisting students to exercise genuine respect for others, nurturing them to develop healthy relationships and to become responsible citizens.

Where does your child begin DB… of course… Triumphal Arch Academy …

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Manu Bhai Patel