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“If the face of India has to change ever then it cannot be attained without proper and quality education being imparted to everyone without any discrimination…….”
When we mention education, it weaves a simple picture in our minds of a student learning and a teacher teaching, but education is beyond the classical paper-pencil-black board theory. It has evolved into the giant wheel that has many spokes such as personality management, time management, competing beyond boundaries etc. We, at TAAB have strived hard to propagate ur age old theory to impart quality education at affordable price to the able scholars who seek excellence in their pursuit for an indomitable career

“Education to me is about ‘Learning for self ad acquiring the wisdom of life…….”
We as educators also need to learn unlearn and relearn to remain contemporary and fill the need gaps in learning. With the advent of technology, as we move into a boundary-less and inter-connected world the common phrase” sky is the limit” seems a bit of cliché, since the quantum of success has grown in manifolds. With the success comes the attitude towards winning and spirit of achievement; and education should aim towards preparing the mind-set for excellence. Excellence can be achieved in various fields depending on the child’s capacities and capabilities. As I embark on my journey with TAAB, I take on the task of character building as an important area of growth along with excellence in multiple disciplines for my students. The focus will also be towards value-based learning, soft-skill development, leadership training, the art of self-governance, crisis management and so on.
“Education makes us easy to lead, but difficult to drive, easy to govern but impossible to enslave…….”
The best investment that parents can make in their children’s lives is giving them the best possible education. And the best gift that young people can give to their parents for their sacrifices in ensuring them a good education is to make proper use of this learning. In this age of high-velocity connectivity and global competition, a good education is not only a very prized asset. TAAB is well aware of the importance and significance of different stages of students’ life and the activities of the school are planned to identify and nurture their inherent talents. Teaching and learning process is mainly child centered and targets to prepare every individual for their career and to acquire adequate life skills. The school activities are planned and prepared meticulously, giving equal importance to academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

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