About us

Triumphal Arch Academy is designed to be an ideal grooming ground  for future citizens. It is run by  Seth Anil Kumar Education Society Burhanpur, whose all members are well versed with education sector. The society follows the ideology of “Vidhya Amrutam Ashnute” which means ” Development of knowledge is the base of eternal happiness”.

                                Triumphal Arch Academy follows the most progressive Indian academic structure as outlined  by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), Delhi. The advantages are plenty, foremost being the fact that major all Indian competitive exams are mapped to CBSE syllabus. The School offer admissions for classes Playgroup to Grade XII for academic year 2021 -22.

Our Mission

Triumphal Arch Academy will groom its student to be sensitive and confident individuals, empowered with knowledge, creativity and ability to innovate. Our student will cherish their roots in the Indian value system and be global in their outlooks and achievements.We are confident that our team’s unique experiences and creative learning style will absolutely be an asset to your child’s growth.

Our Vision

 Triumphal Arch Academy strives to imbue in students the determination and abilities to discover, the treasure within, explore their latent talents and develop their skills to accomplish the desired goals and stand out in the challenging world

Triumphal Arch Academy Goals :- 4 VEFE’s


Spirituals Basis, Qualities, Virtues, Value Learnings


Striving for perfection and performing at the best means competing with oneself.


Adoptability and understanding and changing scenario and its appreciation and acception.


It means expecting and visualizing the best in every child.